Nowadays, everyone has the tools needed to take great pictures right in their pocket or hand (crazy how the cameras in phones have progressed!), and if you’re a new mommy or daddy you’re probably capturing every possible moment you can of your new little one. Aside from the natural childbirth photographers you may have hired, and the occasional professionals that take your holiday picture, every new mom and dad becomes a personal photographer for their family.

While most of us know how to open the camera app on our phone, here are some simple tips that will help you capture those moments even better.

  1. Take close ups, capture details! Of course you want to capture as much information in one picture but sometimes the details are way more important.
  2. Get super close and focus on the cute little tooth that is popping through, or the small wrinkles that line the bottom of their little feet.
  3. Get a new perspective. Taking a picture of the same subject matter repeatedly, with the same framing will capture plenty of moments without any depth. Take a look around and try to capture the moment from a different angle. Get on your stomach and crawl around your new little one, or grab a chair and snap a picture from a bird’s view. You might capture moments you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.
  4. Don’t over filter & edit. While filters may make your skin look softer, or make remove the little stain on your baby’s onesie, don’t overuse the filters. You want to remember the moments for what they are. Lean into the realness of these moments and your friends and family will love it!
  5. Use the sunlight! Most babies and children (and people in general) don’t respond well to bright lights being flashed in their eyes, so don’t use the flash unless it’s needed. Open a window, or go outside and use natural lighting.
  6. Make sure to live in the moment. While it may seem super important to take a picture of everything at every moment, make sure to be present in the moment as well. These are memories you will have forever and your camera won’t be able to always pick up on the emotion, the fragrance, and the ambiance of the moment.

While we all have the tools to be a photographer in our pocket, there are still plenty of holidays, moments, and occasions where a professional is needed.

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